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fine art

relief print of jellyfishAs a fine artist, I specialize in printmaking—primarily intaglio, but occasionally relief or monotype. I also enjoy creating artists' books, drawing (including cartoons), and painting. My art often takes the form of explorations of self, family, and culture, delving into my present feelings as well as looking into the past. In addition to my own work, which is of course for sale, I do take on commissioned work (both fine art and illustration), and I can mat small 2-dimensional works. I also create block-printed holiday cards (more info upon request).

artists' books

I have been making artists' books since 1998. I have exhibited my books around the Bay Area, including the Downtown Art Center in San Rafael and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. I also create custom blank books—journals, sketchbooks, and albums.


Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing. It gives formally addressed envelopes, certificates, wedding vows, and favorite quotations an elegant, hand-lettered touch. I have done calligraphy since I was very young, inspired by the late Katherine Jeffares, a family friend. Clients have included Ceres Karate as well as numerous individuals. A spec sheet is available upon request.

design & desktop publishing

poster designAs a freelance designer, I have created just about everything at one point or another—logos, web pages and graphics, print illustrations, animated GIFs, print ads, posters, CD insert designs, t-shirts, flyers, certificates, and newsletter layouts. I also have two years of corporate marketing experience and can assist with copywriting and editing. Clients have included Moro Aircraft, Imaginator Press, Cymdeithas Madog, Law Office of Donald M. Stevenson, Stanislaus County Office of Education, Prospect Theater Project, Guys Lit Wire, and Soccer Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

Sample Flyer Design (PDF)

image gallery

For more information, please contact me at sjs (at) sarahjamilastevenson (dot) com.